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Chrysalis Aims to improve veterans’ job readiness.

Thanks to a special grant under Prop 202, Chrysalis Veterans Services, Inc. can now provide immediate financial assistance to cover the necessities and more to help veterans increase their likelihood of success.

“Meaningful and sustainable employment is a significant factor in creating and maintaining housing stability which, in turn, is a crucial component of job readiness and economic security.  However, unemployment, underemployment, and low wages relative to rent are frequent causes of homelessness, and many veteran families are burdened with the risk of becoming homeless,” said Julian Dotson, CEO.

So, they decided to find ways to help bridge the gap by securing funding from

the Gila River Indian Community Prop 202 grant program. Their grant

will assist veterans in meeting their current needs for improving their economic security regarding job readiness.

Dotson says these Employment Development Grants provide material support, up to $2,500.00, when the veteran:

  • Enters a job training program requiring tools or uniforms, or other personally owned equipment,
  • Is attending an educational institution for tuition, materials, laptops, etc.,
  • Is promoted to a new position requiring tools and uniforms,
  • Starts a new job after a period of unemployment of not less than 90 days, requiring tools and uniforms, and
  • Other types of fees associated with obtaining employment or training.

This grant can also cover conference fees, certification classes and

testing, licensing fees, apprenticeship admission, and union dues. Travel costs can be


Criteria for Employment Development Grants are:

  • The applicant must be a veteran.
  • The applicant must live in Maricopa County.
  • The request must directly affect the applicant’s ability to go to training, school or
  • The applicant will need a sponsor. This can be the school or training opportunity they are in, applying for an employer with job-specific requirements the veteran must meet, or the agency assisting in obtaining employment. There is a form the sponsor must complete.
  • The veteran must complete the requirements specified by the school, training opportunity, or employment opportunity the grant supports.
  • Veterans must complete the opportunity requirements to retain the funds.

“The ADVS Veteran Toolkit Program sponsored by Arizona @ Work will not accept applications for material assistance submitted after five days after the veteran starts a job.  Chrysalis will!  It may take some time on the job for the veteran to discern everything they may need, so we do not put a timeframe on their applications,” said Carolyn Dotson, programs director.

You can find the application to apply, the sponsor form, and additional information online at



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