The true story of Paula Pedene

A Sacred Duty

How a whistleblower took on the VA and won

A SACRED DUTY is the true story of Paula Pedene

“Veterans' lives were at risk, and nobody would listen. Entrenched bureaucrats thought they could bury the scandal, but Paula Pedene knew different.”
Jeff Miller
Congressman, Chairman, House Veterans Affairs Committee, Oversight and Investigations
“Paula Pedene is the invisible hero whose whistleblowing pioneered exposure of a national medical care breakdown for our nation's veterans. She speaks from the heart about the anguish, frustration, and stress from relentless retaliation as a Whistleblower. Anyone who wants to know what price you have to put on the line as an ethical public servant fighting the bureaucracy must read this book.”
Tom Devine, JD
Legal Director of Government Accountability Project


With Doug Williams

Doug Williams worked with Paula on editing the original manuscript. His work is compelling including that as a playwright, novelist, and award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. His script Black Star Rising, based on the life of Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan has been recognized in over 30 film festivals, winning six best screenplay awards; A Bullet For Your Thoughts, which he wrote and produced, has been honored in 12 festivals and won five best short film awards; and his plays have been produced in New York and regionally. Critics compared his novel, the political thriller Nowhere Man, to Homeland and House of Cards. He is also a former journalist and served as a press secretary in the U.S. Senate.

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“(Paula Pedene) was a 20-year employee at the hospital who oversaw everything from news releases to the hospital newsletter to the annual Veterans Day parade. In 2010, Pedene joined a group that complained to VA’s upper management about the Phoenix hospital’s director. They alleged that the director had allowed budget shortfalls and berated subordinates. And it seemed to work. VA’s inspector general investigated and found an $11 million shortfall in the hospital’s budget. The director retired voluntarily. ‘I felt we had actually done the right thing,’ Pedene said. But that turned out to be the beginning of her troubles, not the end.”
David Fahrenthold
Aug. 3, 2014