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High-profile Whistleblower case

Paula Pedene's high-profile Whistleblower case exposed the waits and delays for VA health care amongst our nation’s veterans.

When the scandal broke, both the Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki and the Under Secretary for Health Dr. Robert Petzel were forced to resign. The Phoenix VA Director Sharon Helman, was later fired for ethical violations and became a convicted felon. After the story broke in Phoenix, the VA learned that 111 VA hospitals across the country were unethically delaying health care for our nation’s veterans. Due to the disclosures of Pedene and others, VA became a lightning rod for whistleblower disclosures and, to this day, has the most filings of whistleblower cases of any agency.  Pedene’s new book  A Sacred Duty, How a Whistleblower Took on the VA and Won, is a heart-wrenching tale of the challenges whistleblowers face when telling the truth.

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A Sacred Duty – For Immediate Release

Heroic Phoenix VA Whistleblower-Local Author Paula Pedene to mark Independence Day at American Legion Event​ Phoenix, Arizona–As Independence Day approaches, heroic Whistleblower, Paula Pedene continues

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Before the national VA Wait Time Scandal exposure, Paula’s legal team worked on exposing her case through two news articles:

After Paula Pedene won a settlement in her whistleblower case against the VA, she began sharing her story of advocacy with numerous news outlets, including: