Some of the best stories are those of people with courage

Inspirational Speaker and Award Winning Author

Meet Paula Pedene, a Whistleblower who risked her career to expose unethical leaders and save the lives of thousands of veterans.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking topics range from inspirational stories to how-to's

Some topics include:

A Sacred Duty

How a Whistleblower Took on the VA and Won

Book Review: Veterans’ Lives were at risk. Nobody would listen. Entrenched bureaucrats thought they could bury the scandal. Paula Pedene knew differently. Congressman Jeff Miller

Veterans Advocate

Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

A Thank You can mean so much to our nation’s veterans. Join Paula and her team as they create stellar community events to honor and recognize our veterans. You can witness firsthand how the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade helps our veterans heal and see ways you can help.
“At Honoring America’s Veterans, our goal is simple. We strive to honor and recognize our veterans through community events. It’s our way of saying thank you to them for the sacrifices they made to defend our freedoms.”
Brian Ishmael
HAV Board President