David Always Beats Goliath

Inspirational Speaker, Award Winning Author, and Public Relations Professional

The idea of the underdog is a story as old as man—the “little guy” doing the right thing despite the odds or the outside world. The one giving their all, fighting for all, and standing up for those who can’t.

It’s a story we know all too well. It is a storyline we all stand behind. And it is these people who we want to champion.

That’s human nature. THAT’S PAULA PEDENE.

Paula Pedene is a born advocate for the underdog. From growing up as a young girl in Lynwood (or Los Angeles) California to her time as a Navy journalist, to her well-publicized time at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Paula’s heart is to speak out, empower up, and shine a light on what matters.


Through her award-winning book “A Sacred Duty,” Paula shares her heart about why she had to speak out about the injustices occurring to our most vulnerable Veterans.

And, as a sought-after speaker for corporations, industry, and civic organizations, Paula brings her empowering wisdom and passion to stages, big and small, helping all event attendees find their inner advocate. Topics include:

Public Relations Professional

Paula Pedene is an award-winning public relations professional.

She is nationally Accredited in Public Relations (APR) and is a prestigious Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) College of Fellows member. Paula is a PR pro functioning at the highest level in the profession. She thrives on creating the perfect pitch, and her respect from the media and her industry colleagues is unmatched.

Veterans Advocate

Phoenix Veterans Day Parade

A Thank You can mean so much to our nation’s veterans. Join Paula and her team as they create stellar community events to honor and recognize our veterans. You can witness firsthand how the Phoenix Veterans Day Parade helps our veterans heal and see ways you can help.
“At Honoring America’s Veterans, our goal is simple. We strive to honor and recognize our veterans through community events. It’s our way of saying thank you to them for the sacrifices they made to defend our freedoms.”
Brian Ishmael
HAV Board President