Military spouses can receive scholarships thanks to program at ASU

Military spouses are often unsung heroes as they give up their careers to travel around the globe to support their military servicemembers.

Now, military spouses can pursue a degree and receive financial support for their education thanks to the Spouse of Military Veteran Tuition Scholarship program at Arizona State University (ASU),

Shantil Posniack is pursuing her degree in public service and public policy under this program. Although her current stateside employer helps fund tuition costs, there are other costs the military spouse scholarship covers. She’s excited to be able to pursue her degree with this support.

Often military spouses have to put their education and career on the back burner to prioritize their family. A college education can be financially out of reach for many people. This scholarship provides the spouses of military veterans with a phenomenal opportunity to do something for themselves. If anyone is considering starting or continuing their college education and they qualify for this scholarship, I strongly encourage them to take advantage of it,” she said.

Shawn Banzhaf, Executive Director at the ASU Pat Tilman Center, says the scholarship is critical because it recognizes spouses’ sacrifices while the military service member is serving the country in uniform.

“Without their support and dedication during the service members’ enlistment, many things would suffer on the home front.  I can recount many times my young troops who didn’t have a stable family structure at home had difficulty focusing on the mission while we were deployed to Iraq.  The stability at home is vital to the safety of our troops downrange.

Another recipient, Luther Laycoax, is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in business administration.

“This scholarship is going to open so many doors for me so that I can move up within my field and level up my career to take care of my family. I had already exhausted all my options, so I felt very grateful when I heard about this scholarship and knew it was right for me,” he added.

The Spouse of Military Veteran Tuition Scholarship program covers first-year students to seniors, from part-time to full-time and at several ASU Campuses. The recipients will receive a scholarship and other eligible grant aid that will cover tuition and student-initiated fees (including the Barrett Honors fee). Funding is designed to be a last-dollar award that covers the remaining costs of tuition and fees and is subject to availability.

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