Gwendolyn McKay Scholarship Winner

Military veterans can now apply for 2023 scholarships thanks to the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society

Many military members tend to be patriotic and willing to serve others. As such, their service to our nation in defending the Constitution and our freedoms can come with challenges and rewards. One of the rewards is patriotic and benevolent associations that tend to give back to our veterans. One of those organizations is the Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society or AVHOFS. Their mission is to preserve and support the traditions of the American military and all who served through charitable and other projects at the state and local levels.

This is why they offer honorably discharged veterans, active duty, or service members in good standing with Reserve or Guard component a chance to earn scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 annually.

As this is a competitive process for potential awardees, it is important to under the application requirements. These include:

  1. Residency in Arizona
  2. Participating in a program leading to a Baccalaureate or Post Graduate Degree and attending an institution of higher learning within Arizona while living in Arizona.
  3. The institution must be eligible to receive GI Bill funds through the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  4. “Honorable” discharge from service.
  5. Military applicants on active duty or serving in the Reserve or Guard components must submit a letter (on official letterhead) verifying that they are serving full-time or are in good standing as appropriate and that at least three years of creditable service have been completed.
  6. Submit the income/expense disclosure form as part of the application.
  7. Write an essay explaining why they chose their current academic program and how they plan to use their degree, certificate, or license.
  8. Obtain a letter of recommendation from one of their school instructors or counselors
  9. Submit their college transcripts.
  10. Be willing to submit a portrait-style color photograph for publication if selected.

The AVHOFS Scholarship Committee oversees the scholarship selection process. Applicants selected are expected to attend the award ceremony.

The applicants selected who receive scholarships will be recognized at the annual Patriotic Awards Event, which will take place on Friday, April 28, 2023.

For information and to apply, go online to

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