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Veterans Can Access Complimentary Events thanks to VetTix

VetTix knows the importance of honor, recognition, and respite for veterans, their family members, and caregivers. Their studies demonstrate that sending veterans and their supporters to events can help reduce stress, strengthen family bonds, and provide life-long memories. Since its inception over ten years ago, Vet Tix has provided nearly seven million tickets to active and former military members.

Through the VetTix Foundation, there are tickets to musical performances such as listening to the Phoenix Symphony, comedy at the Improv, and plays at several venues, including Gammage, the Nash, and others, along with sporting events.

The events come through the generosity of donors and partnerships.

These tickets and VetTix are a part of my life memories. Through their donations, my husband and I, both Navy veterans, have opportunities to engage with other veterans at premiere events. I also know families who say the tickets help their servicemen and women to reintegrate into society while strengthening their family bond through event experiences.

To garner tickets, veterans must first register for a VetTix account online at, click on create an account in the upper right-hand corner, and provide proof of service through a discharge form called the DD214. Once VetTix has your verification, you can sign up for complimentary events. There is a nominal processing fee for most activities. Veterans can also sign up for email and text alerts for upcoming events to be among the first to secure their place at an event. They also offer virtual coins you earn by sharing a photo, taking a survey, or referring to friends.

And when you get tickets, VetTix encourages veterans to show their support by wearing VetTix gear such as T-shirts, hats, and the like and holding up a sign or taking a photo at the event, sharing their personal experience via social media. The “VetTixers” can also thank the donors who provide the tickets with a personal note of thanks.

VetTix is a nonprofit organization and, as such, can accept both tickets and funds are accepted. They take donations through the Combined Federal Campaign and other venues. You can also donate to their Hero’s Wish program, where you can help grant a wish for both servicemembers and veterans.

If you’re interested in getting on board, you can tell them Paula referred you at this link:

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