TriWest Healthcare Alliance Awarded TRICARE West Region DOD Contract

Arizona’s TriWest Healthcare Alliance will be the new contractor for eligible members in the TRICARE West Region. The contract, administered by DoD’s Defense Health Administration (DHA), will administer health plans and provide TRICARE coverage beginning in 2024.

“At TriWest, it has been our privilege to serve the health care needs of the military and Veteran communities for more than 26 years,” said TriWest Healthcare Alliance President and CEO David J. McIntyre, Jr. “Since the start of our involvement in 1996, much progress has been made by the DoD, VA, Congress and ourselves in refining access to community health care for these deserving populations.

TriWest will partner with best-in-class organizations to deliver cutting-edge technology, tools, and solutions.

Over the next year, DOD, TriWest, and Humana Government Business (who will cover the East Region) will work under the program called T-5. The effort will supplement existing Military Treatment Facility resources with contracted networks of U.S. healthcare providers to achieve an “integrated healthcare delivery system.”

The new contract focuses on care
Built into the new contract is an ongoing commitment to improving access to and quality of health care services. The regional contractors will do this in a variety of ways, including:

  • Supporting innovation and healthcare industry best practices
  • Creating efficient ways to reduce healthcare costs
  • Providing a foundation for future healthcare demonstrations and pilots
  • Improving how military hospitals and clinics, and civilian care can work together to enhance patient’s healthcare experience

Some of the changes to the TRICARE health plan will happen behind the scenes, but they believe every change will help support eligible members by providing the following:

  • More efficient referral transfers between the two regions
  • Greater provider network flexibility
  • Improved beneficiary choice
  • Enhanced telehealth appointments

“The DHA wants to improve your healthcare experience and provide a seamless and timely transition for you and your family,” said Lt Gen Ronald Place, Director of DHA.

To learn more about T-5 through the Defense Health Agency, go online to


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