Helps Us Remember Our Military and Veterans With A Never Forget Garden and Marker

Some say there is a unifying effect in the language that flowers offer in expressing the profound emotions of patriotism, remembrance, and love. That’s why Matt Scott is hoping Arizona residents will consider placing a Never Forget Garden and Marker at their homes.

“As a member of the Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (SHGTUS), we try to make certain that the individuals that made the ultimate sacrifice of their life for our freedom are not forgotten.  We do this in the hope that the general public understands the price of freedom,” said Matt Scott, a historian by degree.

The Society is encouraging Americans to consider installing a Never Forget Garden and Marker to help honor these memories. The purpose of the marker is to recognize and remember those who have and will serve and sacrifice on behalf of America.  He says the Society intends that this living memorial acts as a kind of a proxy not only for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but for your loved one’s final resting place that you may not be able to visit this year. In doing so, you will keep their memory alive.

“The Society envisions that, through this Garden, we can express our feelings in ways that words sometimes cannot.  A Never Forget Garden can and should evoke emotions in individuals, but it can also foster an occasion for shared emotions and especially learning why this Garden is here.  There are stories to be told of our veterans from the past and our servicemen and women, current and future.  It will create opportunities for teaching and remembrance and express what resides in the hearts of our fellow Americans “I will never forget you – I am in it with you.”

The ‘marker’ is 11″ wide by 17″ high and weighs about 10 lbs.  Matt Scott is willing to help you determine how to set it up within your yard.  He has even found a ‘fabricator’ that has created a sturdy marble base that will make it easy to set up.

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