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Honoring America’s Veterans Provides Information Resource Page For Veterans During COVID-19

At Honoring America’s Veterans (HAV), we are facing some challenging times, and how we brave through them is going to be critical to our country.  Our nonprofit supports programs that honor and recognize our veterans through group engagements; thus, our current efforts are on hold.  We know the health and safety of America’s veterans is critical, and that is why we are embracing the Centers for Disease Control efforts “15 Days to Stop the Spread”, which you can find online at https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/03.16.20_coronavirus-guidance_8.5x11_315PM.pdf.

In support of this effort, HAV started a resource page with some suggestions and information specific to veterans.   You can find it online at https://www.honoringamericasveterans.org/resources/

“We felt it was important to connect with veterans in our community by tapping into the camaraderie we tend to share,” said HAV President Brian Ishmael. “We hope this page can help veterans, and we intend to keep veterans updated as the country navigates these challenging times, to make them aware of support services available to them, and keep them connected to peers.”

The HAV resource page is recommending four things:

  1. Conduct Buddy Checks: While we’re “hunkered down,” one of the best things we can do is what we call a “Buddy Check.” Take a moment to reach out to a veteran, you know, give them a text or a call or an email, and see how they are doing. Let’s do this daily as we work on the CDC Guidelines “15 Days to Help Slow the Spread.”
  2. Donate Blood. As veterans, we understand what it means to be courageous in challenging times. That’s why we’re asking you to Be Bold and Donate Blood.  Due to fears of the coronavirus, many citizens are canceling their blood donation appointments. We’re asking you to step in. Here’s a list of  a few  blood donations stations:
  3. Support a Local Food Bank: If you can assist with food donations, here are a few we have partnered with in the past:
  4. Stay Up to Date with Information for Veterans: We’ve included some valuable links to help you keep up to date on the pulse of the Veterans Community.  One specific website we refer to is https://www.publichealth.va.gov/n-coronavirus/

To help us honor and recognize veterans who do help,  we’re asking them to let us know so we can share them on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/HonoringAmericasVeterans/.

We hope this information is of benefit to our veterans and the community as we move through these changing times.

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